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Worship at Immanuel is a mix of the old and the new. Traditional and contemporary forms and settings blend in a praise to God.

We offer Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer service at 10:00 am. The 10 am service includes music and congregational singing as well as preaching based on the Bible readings for that day. 

Children are always welcome! Parents are welcome to keep their children with them throughout the service. There is a special carpeted area with soft toys for quiet play near the rear of the church so parents can participate in the service while their children play.

Most people wear comfortable, casual clothes for worship at Immanuel -- feel free to come in what feels okay for you.

We also hold special services for various events during the year, and for special seasons of the year. Other services, such as baptisms, weddings, funeral and memorial services, to mark life's transitions, are also available.

Other Special Services

The Blessing of Animals takes place each Fall, on a day close to the Feast of St. Francis. This is a fun event usually held outdoors. Francis was a rich young man who lived in the 12th century. He abandoned his wealthy life and became a poor beggar preaching the Gospel of Christ to all he encountered. He frequently challenged the status quo, and is said to have preached to the birds and animals when his human listeners refused to hear him. Since then he has been a patron of animals and of those who care for them.

Contemplative Eucharist: This is a communion service designed for those who appreciate periods of silent meditation. Offered during special times of the year, it is starkly simple and usually includes three periods of silence, lasting about five minutes each.

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